Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/29/2015

This morning the reflection on the Eight Verses really struck home and I was inspired to really try to work with the view of seeing myself as the least in any company. Luckily for me, circumstances conspired to give me ample ground for practice.

Let’s just say that my wife and I had a disagreement about something this morning and although my first impulse was to feel righteously indignant, in the light of this morning’s reflection I was able to get a little space from the situation and see just how attached I was to my own view and the unquestioned assumption that I was right. Funny how that works.

And, although I may very well be “right” or simply “reasonable” what does it matter if it inflamed heart and mind and inspires me to cruelty? Just seeing the possibility that I am lesser in the sense that I may just be wrong and may not know it all, that I may actually be less wise and aware than the company I keep is a blessing. So, rather than taking the verse as a teaching of self-abnegation, I interpret it as always being willing to learn from others and not assuming that I’ve already got it all figured out.

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