Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 12/22/2014

Dream Journal – Night 3

Fragment One

There are two dreams I remember from last night.The first was pretty mundane by anyone’s standards: in it, I was more or less myself as I am in waking life and I was standing with the owner of a Nissan Juke or Hyundai Veloster (it seemed to change between the two) commenting on how nice the carbon fiber bra and hood wrap that he had on the front fascia was. I distinctly remember the pattern of the carbon fiber film as being more or less the normal checkerboard pattern but as I got closer and inspected the wrap on the A-pillar I noticed that it had almost a beef jerky appearance to it (strange, but it is the most apt description I can find).

Fragment Two

The second fragment I recall is standing in a a low, bungalow type house located on the waterfront. It was an older house and the surroundings seemed to indicate that it was built as a summer home on a freshwater lake Upstate (in NY). I was with my wife (not my wife in waking life but someone who I feel has been my wife in dreams since I can remember) when we heard someone on the radio mention hurricane season. She then said something to the effect of “Great! I knew we should have moved. Remember what happened with Sandy? Everything will be swept away.”


  1. I wish I remembered more dreams these past few years. The intense ones, less so.

    Some interesting stuff. Do you like both of those cars?

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