Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/21/2014

Dream Journal – Night 3

I’m not sure why but I’m having difficulties remembering my dreams. I know I have had them as I can remember snippets of them but it is hard to construct a narrative out of them. There are for fragments from last night that I can recall:

The first is simply an image of one of our cats but she is much larger and more feral looking with a piece of pink fuzzy material over her right brow.

The next is a scene of a building carved into the earth like a deep well with balconies and windows limit the courtyard walls and a pleasant blue green light welling up from below.

The next is a fragment which resembled reality as I know it in every single way. I was at my office explaining to my employees that the next person who was late would be fired.

Finally, I see a stirring with a red awning and the security gate down. I have the feeling that an architect has his office there and that I’m going to work for him. I feel that this is in Scarsdale.

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