Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/12/2014

Semipermeable Membrane of Self

I have been working with a few themes lately but mainly the following three: loving-kindness,  acceptance and forgiveness. What is funny about this is that, as I work with them, I begin to see how the line between self and other becomes blurred. How the feeling of forgiveness can just sort of spill over and out of oneself into everything one sees and feels. But it’s not just forgiveness that finds its way through, its just about everything else as well. The more I practice the more I see this but that doesn’t mean (unfortunately) that it gets any easier.

As some of you may I know, I have decided to focus my practice on my family first as that is where I most often get into trouble. It’s really here that my contemplations on forgiveness have been most needed and effective. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel the need to seek forgiveness for something I’ve done and to forgive my wife and kids for this or that perceived failure. And you would think that wisdom would suffice by now to see through the anger, the irritation but it doesn’t quite yet. At best I am becoming quicker to forgive and to beg pardon. So until I start to develop some sense may I learn to forgive everything, accept anything and love everyone better.

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