Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/04/2014


As my practice has continued our the years I find that I am ever more inclined to push myself to win over those who seem to harbor animosity towards me for whatever reason. It may be simply a car of mistaken perception in which I read someone’s shyness as ill will our there have been cases where I or my wife will have had disagreement with someone and there is actual animosity.

In all of these situations I have made an almost silent and barely acknowledged pact with myself to do what I can to extend kindness both in meditation and through acts of engagement as simple and trifling as a “hello” and a how do you do.” And as simple as these are, by remaining committed to the practice I have seen great changes in those who were once my enemies as slowly everyday kindnesses erodes the walls of aversion. May we all bring a pocketful of peace into all we do today and every day.


  1. A pocketful of peace…yes. Just to have that much, if this is all that we have in the moment, that is enough. Thank you.

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