Posted by: Upāsaka | 10/24/2014

The Cost of the Kilesas

Speaking to many wife this morning about global climate change she mentioned the fact that much of the green  house gas that is heating our planet is produced by cattle. I know methane is much more capable of trapping heat and have heard similar reports before so I am inclined to believe it. Regardless of the particulars it’s pretty clear that our kilesas are at the root of our problems witg a special emphasis on greed.

So many cultures and religions speak of ages of decadence where the world descends into darkness and strife as a result of general immorality and it seems to me that tg e destruction and impending cataclysm we are facing is the resilt of just such licentiousness. In my honest but admittedly pessimistic opinion I don’t see much hope for us getting out of the mess we’ve made as millions of people cannot be expected to curb their desires or work for the benefit of all. Maywe use what time is left to practice the Teachings and do our best not to cause suffering. Sabbe satta sabba dukkha pamuccantu.


  1. This disturbs me, quite a bit. I’m afraid the information you’ve been given is half-researched. And I can’t be sure about the credibility of the source. I think you should take time to read this article from National Geographic, regarding the Methane Gas issues, along with loads of other issues pertaining to the Beef Industry.

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