Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 09/01/2014

A Commitment to Relieving Suffering – Abhaya-cariya

I undertake the training rule to relieve the suffering of others in whatever ways I can.

The third voluntary precept that I’ve taken on is intended to bring the essence of karuna 0r compassion to the fore of all that I do. More than simply seeing this as an aditthana to be recited to be quickly forgotten I hope to be pro-active in the face of  suffering both big and small. Whether it’s the quotidian suffering of my wife and children that I can help to ameliorate by being attentive and helpful in the morning or he desperate suffering of an obviously ill homeless person or even my own suffering that is always bubbling there under the surface I hope to transform my heart through practice into a font of unending compassion for all beings.

Sabbe satta sabba dukkha pamuccantu!

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