Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 07/31/2014

Questioning Contentment

During this morning’s bus ride to Union Square I decided I would just take the ten minute ride and enjoy the breath instead of cramming every available minute with a “useful and productive” activity. For quite some time I have followed a pretty rigorous schedule of reading and writing both for professional enrichment and spiritual growth and although I’m not calling these pursuits into ques tion it definitely does seem to me that I have gone a little too far.

At some point this morning, either before or during meditation, I had the thought that this constant chasing after experiences, knowledge, insight and what have you was causing a lot of suffering. When I am always planning my next move where is there time for contentment? 

This line of thinking naturally lead me to my next question: can one even practice contentment? And, really, what is contentment in the first place? Is it gratitude? Appreciation? A well-developed sense of moderation?

Thinking about it I realize I may not have ever known contentment. The closest I may have eever been w as during a seven day retreat when I experkienced bliss in the body and a feeling of peace as a result of breath meditation but surely this isn’t what is meant. Or is it?

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