Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 07/27/2014


I’m not sure about tye cause but my routine has been completely off for the last few days. In reality it may just be that I have overscheduled myself and that the delicate balance required to fulfill my own self-imposed obligaions is just not realistic outside of a vacuum.

So it is that I find myself returning from my in-laws at noon without having done my morning sit, my normal two hours of work or several blog posts. On the one hand I can feel the anxiety creeping up and squeezing my chest as I obsess over what’s left to do and worry not getting it done. At the same time though I realize just how selfish my attachmen to my routine can be which is why I decided to break fast with them in the first place.

May I learn to care for others as I care for myself and for myself as I care for others.

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