Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 07/01/2014

The Fasting Confused

Today is the third day of Ramadhan and I find myself confused and slightly out of sorts. The last week has been quite a roller coaster with my daughter in and out of the hospital but I am hoping that there will be a respite so that I can catch my breath. Strangely enough I have been able to maintain my formal sitting practice (even though it has meant getting less sleep than I would like) but these summer days  of fasting seem interminable an it often feels as if I have not meditated at all. And although I had never thought of it before, perhaps that in itself shows just how easily one can be swayed from one’s purpose and intention by suffering.

So, maybe I should be looking not just to learn about the power of resolve and endurance but also about how changeable the heart is and how easily an untrained mind can be overcome by suffering. May I remind mindful of the suffering and so seek to understand it. May I dedicate whatever practice I am capable of  to all of those who have no choice but to fast out of lack of food and to all those who are suffering from want of any kind. May all find refuge and respite from suffering.


  1. All the best, Mike, and do go easy on yourself during this month.

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