Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/17/2014

Sustaining the View

In certain Tibetan traditions they talk about maintaining a view of all phenomena which (I imagine) is informed by the wisdom of emptiness. Although my understanding of those traditions is indeed limited I think that it wouldn’t be completely incorrect to say that the continuity of my own practice depends heavily on maintaining a certain perspective in the course of the day. Once I forget about any of the five subjects for frequent recollection (aging, sickness, death, separation and our ultimate responsibility for our lives) I quickly drift off into unskillfulness.

There is nothing new about this realization and I have written about it ad nauseam but I am still struck by how quickly and how completely the mind can change. It truly is the ultimate chameleon and it is no wonder that we have been stuck iin samsara from beginingless time as a result of its unruliness. Now, while I have the chance, may I train it. May I use all manner of reminder, of teachings and of supports to help me remember the Dhamma and keep me from losing my way in an eternity of wanderings on.

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