Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 06/07/2014

Peaks and Valleys

It seems that the stress of the past week has resulted in me losing control of my temper more often than I would like and allowing irritation to get the better of me. At times like this I often think with chagrin of the Lord Buddha’s advice in the Karaniya Metta Sutta to be one who  is “unburdened with duties.”

And yet, despite the wisdom that there may be in the idea that one can live amidst unburdened in the midst of the burdened I, for one, am not spiritually gifted nor developed enough to do so. The best I can do for now is feel remorse for the harm I cause myself and others through irritation, make the resolve to do better and follow through whenever I can. My wife and kids will be away for a month or so this summer so I am making the firm resolve to do as much extended and retreat type practice that I can as a tribute to and gift to them as they are the ones who are most hurt and impacted by my anger and frustration.

Kāyena vācā cittena
Pamādena mayā kataṃ
Accayaṃ khama me bhante
Bhūripañña tathāgata!

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