Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 04/27/2014

So Many Teachings, So Little Time

I think it may have something to do with the subterranean rivers of anxiety that water the roots of my personality but I find myself always trying to devour as much of the Dhamma as I can until I get too full that I sicken myself. After spending over half of my life living this way you think I would have wisened up but my dogged determination to glut myself on the Dhamma until I burn myself out shows no signs of flagging. But, even in this there is a recognition of the blessing of this precious life wherein I have not only met with the Dhamma but have been able to recognize, in some way, its supreme value. And so, despite my as yet unskillful manner of approaching and imbibing the Dhamma I am grateful to have access to so many teachings. Let us not squander this lifetime and our present circumstances for neither will last long and no one can tell just how long the sasana will last in a civilization poised, as it seems to be, on the brink of self-destruction. May we all strive to become as lamps of the Dhamma for ourselves and all beings!


  1. I believe you were brought up that way–do it all at once and don’t even think about waiting! Das ist nicht gut! ciao, ciao, ciao

  2. I do the same thing sometimes! I have a tendency to study, study, study, to go to teachings, to read on my own, etc. I don’t think this is bad, per se, but I agree, sometimes I have bitten off more than I can chew at once and need to step back and actually *practice* what has already been given to me. Many of my teachers will remind me of this.

    I want teachings? This is good, it brings me closer to the Dhamma/Dharma. What am I doing with these teachings? Are they like items I collect and put on shelf to display to others when they come and visit? Or are they techniques and wisdom that I am putting into practice? For me personally, I need to put more of the Dhamma into practice. I still go to teachings when they are offered and I am able to attend. The Dhamma is the best medicine I have found, but yes, it needs to be applied, not just acquired as some kind of intellectual curiosity.

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