Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 04/19/2014

Suffering in Relationship

Is it possible to return time and again to the fundamental truth that our partners, children, parents want happiness and do not want suffering and thereby recalibrate our aversive reactivity? Is it possible to reflect on their kindness in the midst of an inferno of anger and resentment? Can we remember that all of the difficult beings we encounter have been our mothers and cared for us when no one else would?

It seems to me that we can from the limited experience I have with these reflections and, despite still being a worldling who constantly falls short of my aims, I have found that I am ever more able to return from the brink of despair more quickly and with a less turbid heart. They say the truth of a teaching is to be measured by its ability to purify the mind and heart and it seems that these teachings are true enough judging by the changes I have been experiencing. May we all work to end suffering wherever it may be found.

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