Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 04/16/2014

Rejoicing in the Happiness of Others

Mudita, or sympathetic joy, has always been the hardest of the brahma viharas for me to understand let alone practice. However, as a result of the practices outlined in the book a Truthful Heart, I have found a way in. Simply by averting to the fact that I often meet the good fortune of others with a sour heart I have been able to become sensitive to the possibility of mudita, of rejoicing in the happiness of others.

This vacation has provided me with ample opportunity to dwell on the happiness of those closest to me: my children. What a surprise it is to realize how hard-hearted I have been even to them and how little I have rejoiced in their happiness. And why? No idea really but I do know that this is where my work is to be done and that if I am unable to really feel mudita for those who are closest to me it is a joke to even pretend I can extend to anyone else. If nothing else I know now where to begin and this is no small victory.

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