Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 02/27/2014


A certain sense of dis-ease has come to reside in my chest and now seems to be a constant companion of mine. Breathing in and allowing the breath to spread into all of these parts I feel a contraction in my shoulders and a holding throughout my body as if bracing for a punch. It’s strange to see such a physical reaction to what amounts to a purely mental reality but it is there and is as powerful as a vise as it twists my body into pretzel shaped caricatures of a human being.


  1. “Hatred remembers only the mistakes and forgets the goodness of others. Love is associated
    only with the good things about others:
    beauty, wealth, social status, education and so on. Therefore hatred and love divide a person into two. Then, the good half is loved and the bad half is hated.

    Metta (loving kindness, friendliness) is a feeling that goes beyond love. Metta does not split a person into two halves: good and bad, beautiful and ugly, educated and uneducated, wealthy and poor and so on.
    Metta is the ability to live without expecting anything in return, without getting angry no matter what another person does. Small incidents and words are not obstacles at all for a mind with metta.

    Love is broader than hatred. However, both hatred and love are narrow compared with metta.
    Hatred causes suffering right away. Love causes suffering a little later.
    Metta makes your experience immense peaceful at that very moment and also in due course.
    Therefore, let go of hatred and cultivate metta.”

    Nilambe Teacher March 2013

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