Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 02/25/2014

What Mindfulness is Not

Given that I consider the act of reflecting here on a daily basis as part of my practice it strikes m?e as rather odd and quite revealing that I have gone two, whole days without making a post. Where was I? Well, truth be told, I have been sucked into work and not with good results.

Last night on a lonely R train platform my heart raced as my mind spun uselessly around itself thinking about work. The suffering was intense but I was at least prescient enough to see it for what it was (i.e., dukkha) and used my mala to repeat phrases of compassion for myself even if feeling it was nearly impossible.

Times have been rough but maintaining my practice and connection to the Teachings is more important than anything else I can think of. So, why aren’t I acting like it?

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