Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/05/2014


Today is my birthday and, as usual, it has been a struggle against a lifetime of conditioning which tells me to believe that I am special and the day I was born is one which should be cherished. It is a day that I must fight the urge, however unsuccessfully, to demand special treatment from my family (and here I seem to mean almost exclusively my wife). It is strange and perhaps utterly ungracious to spend my birthday trying hard not to act like a spoiled toddler but that is how I still feel well into my middling years. It is my hope that I will someday be mature enough to view my birthday as a day of gratitude to parents, teachers, friends and family who have given me the gifts of life, learning and happiness. Another year has passed and another opportunity squandered so may I do better tomorrow and each day that follows.

Sukhitaa hontu!


  1. Happy Birthday! I think you can afford to say it’s “my” birthday because it’s the day “I” was born…

    • Thank you for the birthday wish and the reminder. Be well!

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