Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 11/30/2013

Drowning Oneself in Heedlessness

It’s late (for me) and everyone has retreated to their televisions here while the kids sleep away. It has been hard to practice the last few days as I have been awash in conversations and drowning myself in food and heedlessness. How does one meet these occasions in a way that is conducive to the practice and yet does not make a show of it? It seems that I always find myself in the position of having thrown myself into sense pleasures with abandon during the holidays we spend with family and only later, when the house has emptied, do I realize where I am once more.

Is it enough to realize this after the fact? What would practice look like in the midst of the maelstrom? How can I cultivate a mindfulness strong enough to carry me through a Thanksgiving, an Eid or a Christmas Day?


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