Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 10/30/2013


I have been reading material on mind training again due to my conviction that living a cramped life of aversion and resentment is far removed from the Dhamma and have been struck by the insistence of the instructions on turning the difficulties of life into learning opportunities. So, I have been working with this as I wend my way through Brooklyn and have constantly turned my attention back to what I can do in this moment to take advantage of it and use it to train the heart.

Seeing an elderly or infirm person is easy and compassion wells up easily but I am stuck somewhat when I see a young, well-dressed and apparently prideful person strutting like a peacock down the street. In the moment I drown in aversion and judgement and it is only now that I realize that I should welcome it as an opportunity to practice forebearance and equanimity. There is simply no reason to do otherwise but it is incredible how quickly I forget.

May we escape the shackles of greed, anger and delusion!

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