Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 10/23/2013

A Question of Fatigue

Last night and today I have been plagued by a sense of fatigue that I have used to justify a slackness in my practice. Phenomenologically speaking, it matters not whether my lack of energy is largely physiological because my approach to it should be fundamentally the same. My question is this: even when tired and low on energy should I force myself to do formal mediation? Is there enough benefit that it outweighs the potential harm? I think I will take this question with me throughout the day and see what comes up.


  1. Namo Buddhaya, why must force ur self. All day u can do meditasion, not just sit cross-legged, walk, read, sleep, and many position. I think relax ur self and feel u breath. Hope u alway happy and nnot think ur tired and must force something. Force is not good.

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