Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/08/2013


Amidst the peaks and troughs of daily life and the myriad worries of a layperson it’s quite easy to forget that one day soon all of this will come to a crashing halt. What’s more, there will be no warning and no time to prepare. Indulging as I do in anxiety-fueled fantasy does nothing to prepare me for any of the nightmare scenarios in my head–rather, they leave me stricken and weak, a perfect catch for Mara at the moment of my death.

Why is it so hard to believe these truths? Why don’t we see that money, family, jobs are all powerless in the face of Death? As I continue to practice I see ever more clearly just how deep the roots of craving go and realize that there are yet lifetimes ahead of me before I can break these bonds. May I not squander this one worrying about ephemera and instead tread the path to the Unconditioned.

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