Posted by: Upāsaka | 08/02/2013

Recollection of Our Goodness

The idea of recollecting our good qualities in terms of our dana and sila not solely at the moment of our death but as a way of brightening the mind has taken hold of my mind and has become another focal point of my practice. And yet it is not nearly as easy as it may sound.

After the first entry in the merit notebook (which was to log the starting of the five precept group) I now find myself stumped. And why is that? Why is the quotidian observance of the five precepts not “good enough” to merit being recorded? Good question but I have no answer. At best all I can do is note the fact and make an effort to impress the mind through uncommon acts of sila and dana despite any misgivings I may harbor about these actss not being authentic.

May we all strive to do good and take joy in the goodness of all beings!

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