Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 06/15/2013

Not a Drop to Drink

It is times like this that I am reminded of just how important to take advantage of those times when the practice seems to come easy. It is funny and somewhat infuriating to see the mind change so completely from week to week and even from to day to day-leaving one in a mind state which seems to bear little resemblance to those which immediately preceded it. Once more I feel as if marooned on a psycho-emotional sand bar in the midst of the ocean of mind states and it is all I can do to find even a drop of limpid and pure water to drink.

May we all strive on with ardency and make use of whatever situation in which we find ourselves as a raft to the further shore!


  1. I have been saddened by the recent troubles you have expressed here lately and sincerely hope that you may find peace of mind. May your faith and practice lead you away from such afflictive states.

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