Posted by: Upāsaka | 05/10/2013

The Practice at Home


I completely lifted the title of today’s post from a Ven. Thanissaro talk i just had the good fortune to find (listen to it here: and it was just the thing I needed to hear now. I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself and that, combined with the anxiety of flying to a wedding in New Orleans tonight and leabving our kids here with their grandprents, have combined into a low-grade emotional fever of sorts. Nonetheless, even at times like these my saddha (read: faith in the Dhamma) gets me through and reminds me to get back onto the straight and narrow.

The idea, as expounded in the talk, that the household life offers ample opportunity to practicee the paramis and to stretch ourselves is one that has really invigorated my practice and given me renewed hope in the face of challenges. I find that when I allow my mind to reduce the Buddhadhamma to a one-dimensional, meditation-only paradigm I suffer immensely for it as do those around me. By helping myself, I help others but I too often forget that by helping others, I help myself. Thank you to all who read, comment and lurk for your practices, your thoughts and your encouragements.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam!

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