Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/24/2013

Beginning Again

Last night I attended the third of six classes on anapanasati as taught by my teacher and although I have been practicing with him for the better part of eight years I felt and have been feeling as though the things we are learning in terms of technique are completely new. Is it really possible that I never gave his instructions the attention they were due despite spending so much time with him? It reminds of the verse wherein the Lord Buddha describes the person who is like a ladle in a bowl of soup which, despite being inclose contact with it is unable to taste it. I feel that due to my own obstinancy and arrogance I was like unto that spoon for so many years. It is only now when I have been able to strip away some of my conceit and appreciate my teacher more deeply inn his own right that I have even been able to hear anything besides the fault-finding voices in my own head let alone put them into practice.

May we never fall prey to arrogance and conceit and ever remember the true potency of humilty!

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