Posted by: Upāsaka | 04/15/2013


I decided in the last few days to take up the practice of sitting for a short, fifteen minute session before getting online and checking my work emails, etc. I have once before experimented with the practice of moving straight from my bed to the cushion but eventually gave it up because I fcelt I was engraining the bad habit of slack effort and slothful meditation. This morning I simply decided to brujsh mmy teeth and start the coffee brewing first and found the exercise to be well worth it.

I think the key to the usefulness of this practice is simply that I get to familiarize myself with the mind before I become too wrapped up in the concerns of work and quotidian life. It is this aspect that I find most appealing because when my mind is not being overrun by sloth and toropor it is work-related restlessness which represents the biggest hindrance to my formal meditation.

So, along with undertaking this practice there are a few other aditthana that I wish to make today. I think I will be updating my daily practice outline shortly to give them more force and I will be sure to post on the additions and modifications when I do.

May we all obtain true happiness through our efforts!


  1. Good luck!

    And know, although our practices differ (as I am a Vajrayana practitioner) it’s a joy to know that you are in my extended community as a meditator and your thoughtful sharing is very encouraging!

  2. I have changed my daily routine to meditate at 4am. This was the result of battling the flu for over a week, and waking up at that time everyday. Not sure yet if this will be permanent.

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