Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 03/23/2013

Vivere disce cogita mori

“May I be at peace, letting go of all entanglements by remembrance of my death.”

This is the theme I have been working with for the last few days and it has been interesting to watch the confluence of maranasati and the brahma viharas. It seems that even the most earth-shaking of fears can be allayed by the simple thought that I will soon enough be dead.

Like it or not, death will sweep all away and my fears, hopes and insecurities. Recollecting this it is easier to recall that the only thing that will survive the flood is our kamma so we need to make an effort to resist the fear and aversion. It’s here where I have been trying to bring the metta and karuna in because it’s precisely here where we can suffer so much due to the exigencies of lay life.

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