Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 02/09/2013

Party All the Time

Party All the Time

It’s the weekend and, as usual, it’s all about trying to sneak in time for myself to post here and sit in formal meditation. I was able to get 15 minutes in before my kids constant arguing inflamed my wife to the point that I was informed that I would need to cut my sitting short. I honestly can’t say I blame her either as I kept being disturbed by the recurring thought that I was being somewhat selfish to assume I should be allowed this time while she was left alone to deal with cabin-feverish children. In all honesty, I wish it were different and see a value in allowing one another to meditate but such a discussion is best left for another time–it would have been foolish to even bring it up in the maelstrom.

Today looks to be interesting in terms of my opportunities to practice as it is due to be a whirlwind of social engagements culminating with a get together with my son’s classmates’ parents where alcohol will be served. Not that I’m so put off by that (although I’m never enthused about my kids being around inebriated adults) so mch as the very real possibility that I will lose my mindfulness and sammā vācā will be out the window. May I seek to keep the breath in mind as my anhor today and may all beings be safe, happy and peaceful!

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