Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 02/07/2013

Sleeping at the Feet of the Buddha

The last few days have been rough. Waking up has been incredibly hard and I have been dogged by a constant fatigue. This morning I slogged through half an hour of breath meditation before deciding that I could do the last fifteen minutes that I had dedicated to metta in the Lion’s pose. Still, I knew at the time that I was more or less lying to myself and promptly fell asleep on the floor in front of my altar.

As is won’t to occur during periods of low energy I find myself more prone to indulge in sense pleasure which, despite that none of these things breach the precepts, only serves to sap me of en energy further. Having surveyed my options I think the best I can do is to open my heart to the experience and cultivate some compassion for myself as well. Also, I’m tthinking that reaching out to my teacher to see if I can offer service in some way would be a good way generate some energy.  May all beings be free of suffering!


  1. If I lay down [in any pose,anywhere, at all] my alertness is out like a blown light bulb.

    For whatever it is worth, I too find that I “let my guard down” significantly during times of fatigue… I can totally relate with this post.

    May you find the rest your body needs and rejuvenate. Be well, friend.

    • Thank you for the commiseration…it’s always nice to know one isn’t faring alone. Be well!

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