Posted by: Upāsaka | 01/23/2013

Good Morning

This morning, despite the cold, I was able to follow through with my plan begin sitting almost immediately upon waking. For the time being I only intend to sit and follow the breath for ten minutes before moving on to my usual morning routine of toothbrushing, coffee drinking, etc. It’s definitely far too early to tell what, if any, real impact this will have upon my practice but I like the idea of getting in touch with the body and breath before I have a chance to adulterate my mind state with work anxieties or other online ephemera as that is how I usually start my day. Furthermore there is something attractive about foregoing comforts such as coffee and sitting down and making friends with the experience of waking up. I suppose I should update my daily practice page now this idea has begun to gain momentum. Sukhi hotu!

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