Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 01/08/2013

An Encomium to the Breath

This morning I was able to find some time during my formal, seated meditation to incline the mind towards a fuller appreciation of the breath. Not only was I able to reflect on the rare blessing it is just to be able to take some time to dedicate to being with one’s breath and whatever arises in that space but I was, for a few precious moments, able to inhabit and enjoy the breath itself. I guess what is most surprising about this to me is that all of this was possible despite interruptions by the wee ones and, when they weren’t physically haranguing me, they’re constant chattering away in the bedroom.

Sadly, now that I have hustled and bustled my way to Brooklyn to drop off my son much of what was so fantastic about the experience has slipped away as if in a dream but even now I can still feel the lightness and have a felt sense of a refuge in the breath.

Last night I was again fortunate enough to be able to recite the Dhammacakkappavattana sutta but used a much faster and less melodic Thai recording. I see now why the Buddha forbade singing of the suttas because I have definitely become attached to the melody of the Dhammaruwan version. Nonetheless, in my case I think it is fine to use a variety of recordings as the two I’ve listened to seemed to highlight different aspects of the sutta for me. May all beings know the bliss of release and enjoy freedom from suffering.

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