Posted by: Upāsaka Subhavi | 01/03/2013

More About Me

So much of my practice of late seems to be about accepting, appreciating and forgiving myself that I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing it wrong. But, wouldn’t that too be just another manifestation of this self-reproach? It’s funny really to think about just how despicable a person need be to deserve so much loathing and, when I honestly reflect on my words and deeds, I can see that I’m won’t to punish myself overmuch. In truth, even a person who did little to practice the restraint of the panca sila would surely not be desrving of the contempt I lavish upon myself.

And that is the hard part after all: whether it be greed or hate both cloud our vision and make clear seeing impossible. May I learn to see in accord with the Dhamma and with eyes trained and tempered by love and compassion. May I not blindly follow the whims of my heart or mind and may I ever be heedful of my true intentions.

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