Posted by: Upāsaka | 12/17/2012

Dry Spell

There are months and years of my practice that can aptly be termed as dry. Sitting and watching my mind wander has replaced drowsiness as the dominant theme of my dry times. Nonetheless I take heart in the paramis that I am cultivating simply by staying with it and coming back again and again to the theme and, when I’m too weak for even that, bringing the mind to attention in the best way possible.

This line of reasoning is, of course,  all well and good but it is a little preoccupied with becoming and getting at some time in the ineffable future. The thing that I always like to reflect on at such times is the myriad unskillful ways I could be spending my time and devoting my attention to. If nothing else it is nice to think happy thoughts and spread good will to all. Doing these practices at least give me the confidence to feel that my life is not being wasted and I would never regret it if my dying moment happened to be one I spent trying to cultivate an open and boundless heart.



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