Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 11/23/2012

Black Friday

Black FridayMaybe it’s been the heedless eating over the past two days or the lack of seclusion for meditation and contemplation but I there is a certain feeling of disconnectedness that has been gnawing at me as I considered wha to write today. I spent most of today working remotely at my in-laws house surrounded by the sounds of children playing and crying. My wife and her sister and cousin actually braved the Black Friday crowds and have been gone for the better part of the day but it is only now after my own work was finished that I find myself “free” to write and reflect.

And although I don’t have much to say about today it is interesting for me to reflect on the almost insane abundance we enjoy and take for granted (listening to my nephew ask for ice, “sweet apples” and any other manner of things I was struck by how such requests would be impossible to fulfill for most children in the world) here and in this moment. Why can’t I eat, drink and be merry and be content with that? I suppose the most honest answer would be anicca: soon enough, if we don’t practice rightly, we will again be those very have-nots that we pity (or not) at present.

Anicca vata sankhara


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