Posted by: Michael Rickicki | 05/18/2011

Overcoming Desire

Recently, as some of you may be aware, I  have been working with gathas to refocus my practice at key points of my day such as meal time, when beginning work, etc. I have been thinking of and looking for a gatha that specifically addresses one’s response to desire and the lure of sensuality (kama) but was unable to find one.  As someone who is attempting to cultivate a path that involves simplification and a “letting-go” of a host of unskillful resolves and behaviors, I am hoping that this little gatha, when repeated to myself and reflected on, will help recenter me and restrain me from micchacara.

May I not be ensnared by the lure of sensuality.

May I not be deceive by desire’s empty promise.

May this act of restraint lead me onward towards the deathless.

Buddhaṁ Dhammaṁ Sanghaṁ namassāmi

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