Posted by: Upāsaka | 03/19/2010

Recollection of the Sangha

Supati-panno Bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho
Ujupaṭipanno Bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho
Ñāyapaṭipanno Bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho
Sāmīcipaṭipanno Bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho
Yadidaṃ cattāri purisayugāni aṭṭha purisa-puggalā
Esa Bhagavato sāvaka-saṅgho
Āhuṇeyyo, Pāhuṇeyyo,
Dakkhiṇeyyo, Añjalikaranīyo
Anuttaraṃ puññakkhettaṃ
Lokassā ti.

There seems to be an extensive article at the following which I’ll post here:

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