Lay Ascetic Practice

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  • May I never buy new clothing but only used.
  • May I not spend more than $20 on myself each week.
  • May I fast Mondays and Thursdays, observe the uposatha and eat at most two meals all other days.
  • May I not waste any food or drink.
  • May I not take any medicines that are solely used to treat pain.
  • May I not use my smartphone when in the company of others.
  • May I not use my smartphone while walking.
  • May I only take cold showers.
  • May I never use a heater if I cannot see my breath.
  • May I not use AC.
  • May I collect any trash I find in my surroundings and dispose of it properly.
  • May I never eat or drink without first having offered some to another.
  • May I never drink or eat the last serving of anything.
  • May I increase my endurance and stamina through physical exercise each day: 108 prostrations.
  • May I never sit on a train or bus unless injured or sick.
  • May I sleep no more than 6 hours per night.






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